About Toptask 

Bridging the gap between raw university talent and job ready graduates.

Businesses have long talked about needing ‘work ready’ graduates and the importance of the right skills, but, looking forward, in a world full of uncertainties, the need for a high potential, employable talent pool becomes increasingly important to businesses across the UK.


Universities are brimming full of untapped undergraduate talent, despite this, many are often confined to student bar work or shelf stacking whilst studying with some choosing not to work at all. The result? Graduates with insufficient ‘real world’ work experience and an unequipped, lacklustre talent pool are missing the crucial soft skills needed for a trailblazing competitive employment sector.


Toptask is here to help with a solution.


The premise of the platform is simple: connecting businesses or individuals that need skilled services with hard-working, talented undergraduates and graduates from world class universities who have a proven track record of delivering high quality work.


Toptask is a win win win solution. It’s a win for undergraduates because it helps them access flexible, paid work and develop the vital soft skills that make them immediately useful in the workplace. It’s a win for employers because it boosts their bottom lines by helping them access skilled services at reduced prices. And it’s a win for graduates that want a job and employers that want to recruit graduates that have been primed, tried and tested.


And in doing so, Toptask’s mission is to help ensure graduates don’t emerge blinking into the light from their ivory tower, but hit the ground running with their future employers.


Toptask is here to empower undergraduates and fuel businesses with top graduate talent with proven return on investment and ultimately, become the game changers of graduate recruitment.

A self-vetting ecosystem

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